Light weight, easy to use, and The Foster Bar floats!   Not Just for drift boats.....we lengthen the top bar so it will fit a variety of gunnel widths on power boats.

About Us


Mike Foster

Mike Foster grew up in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon.  He has spent many hours on the water fishing and boating.  Mike created The Foster Bar after years of watching people struggle getting in and out of drift boats.  He knew there had to be a way that was both easy and safe.

The first prototype of The Foster Bar was constructed from 2x2 lumber, and the second was made of steel.   Mike recruited a recent engineering school graduate, Chase Fields, to help him construct the third prototype using aluminum.  It was important The Foster Bar be light weight, strong, and durable.  Another primary goal was to produce a product that would float.  It was discovered, with the fourth prototype, that The Foster Bar would indeed float!


Susan Foster

Susan Foster is an Oregon State graduate with a degree in Business.  She uses the experience gained, as a former manager for Bank of America, to effectively direct the day to day operations of our company .

Since we are a small family run company, Susan is also responsible for our marketing.  In her "former life", Susan was an accomplished triathlete, and  she attacks her work with the same inexhaustible energy.

About Us


Chase Fields

Chase Fields was born and raised in Ontario, Oregon and graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  An avid outdoors man-- Chase rapidly understood the goal of The Foster Bar and was instrumental in creating a product that was functional, lightweight, and easy to use. 

Chase has decided to pursue his dream to become a Naval Aviator, and is currently serving as a P8 pilot at NAS Whidbey Island.   However, he remains an active member of our company and consults with us on a regular basis


Jary Krauser

 Jary is the President and CEO of StratusG, a prominent business consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington.  When Mike decided to start marketing The Foster Bar, he knew Jary was exactly the person he needed to help guide him through all phases of business and product development.  

Jary understands the world of business, is a fantastic family man, and when combined with his vast experience in the outdoors, he makes the ideal consultant for our company.

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